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Interview With Birlyn
"The Man Behind The Mask"

Harvard Princeton - Hello BCW fans, I'm Harvard Princeton, and sitting across from me is "The German Terminator" Birlyn. Welcome Birlyn.

Birlyn - Guten Morgen

H.P. - Um, Good Morning?

Birlyn - What do you think?

H.P. - I guess so... Well, Birlyn, I have been sent by the board of BCW to do an interview with you. I have also recieved some questions from the fans at home, who really want to know some things! Is that OK with you?

Birlyn - I've got no problem with that.

H.P. - Well, good! Let's begin. shall we? My first question is a very basic one, What is your real name?

T.K.- My real name is Till Krimdin

H.P. - Well, Till, How old are you? How tall are you?

T.K.- I am thirty-six years old. and I am near six feet tall.

H.P. - How much do you weigh?

T.K.- I weigh around two-hundred and fifty-five pounds.

H.P. - Till, your charachter has gone from starting here in the BCW as a Tag-Team partner with The MaXX, to siding with The Staton Giant and continueally beating up The MaXX! What is going on with him?

T.K. - Well, in wrestling terms, Birlyn started as a Face, but, as The RuN formed and The MaXX gained more power than was good for him, Birlyn felt that The MaXX was not sticking to the goal of Tag Champions, so Birlyn left The RuN with The Staton Giant at his side. While on his European Vacation, he saw how The MaXX was STILL saying things against him, and he realized that The MaXX had run out of ideas. MaXX wanted Birlyn, and he got him. Birlyn decided that he had to destroy The MaXX before The MaXX destroyed him. Birlyn decided to ally himself with The Huge Staton Giant and form his own group, The United Nations. Birlyn vows that the day will come when MaXX Falls By The Walls!

H.P. - How did you come up with your finishing move?

T.K. - Well, The Wall of Birlyn, as you can tell, is not an original move. While many believe I got the move from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, I actually got the move from a wrestling game. Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium hosts the move named as the "Ace Crusher" and that is where I saw the move.

H.P. - Is that really a game? Come on now, that's a LONG name!

T.K. - I know, YOU try memorizing it! And, yes, its a VERY popular Japanese Wrestling series.

H.P. -Where did you get the idea for your entrance theme?

T.K. - I felt that "Asche zu Asche" by Rammstein was very fitting. It said, "I'll burn you to dust!" for me, and I love Rammstein!

H.P. - How long has Birlyn been in The BCW?

T.P. - Birlyn has wrestled since just before Halloween Horror Show '99.

H.P. - So, HHS 2000 will be your one year anniversary then?

T.K. - I beleive so.

H.P. - Here's a different question, and it comes from Randy Skoles of Rochester, New York. Randy asks, "What is Birlyn's favorite color? Is it Green or Purple?"

T.K. - *chuckling* Ha Ha... That's a different one. Well, actually its neither... It's Purple!

H.P. - Who do you look up to in the wrestling world, Till?

T.K. - I would have to say that I MOST look up to Wrestlers such as Randy Savage, The Undertaker, Jim Duggan (Pre-Canada), and Jimmy Snuka. High Flyers or Show Stylers, you know what I mean.

H.P. - Why did you start wrestling? I've been told it was at quite an early age.

T.K. - It's true, I have been wrestling since I was 11 but, I guess I saw the greats of my day, and wanted to be like them. The same old story I suppose.

H.P. - Do you consider yourself a skilled wrestler?

T.K. Well, I guess my work speaks for itself. How I love my ladder!

H.P. - Does Backyard Wrestling have to be hardcore to be entertaining?

T.K. - Absolutely Not! I think that Backyard Wrestling should be all about what you can do, not how hard you can hit your opponent over the head with a trash can!

H.P. - What do you think of people who knock Backyard Wrestling?

T.K. - Obviously, they have no idea what Backyard Wrestling is all about! Give me five minutes with them, and then let's see what they think! *Laughs*

H.P. - Although there are the few who don't agree with it, why do you think Backyard Wrestling is so popular?

T.K. - Ha! I wish it were more! But, the popularity that it DOES have, is due to the fact that about 95% of the guys in Backyard Wrestling Federations will NEVER make it in, say, WWF or WCW. Myself included.

H.P. - Do you believe that Backyard Wrestling is dangerous?

T.K.- Not at all! If you know what you are doing.

H.P. - Thank you for all of your time Till, it IS appreciated. But, I DO have one more question... What do you look like under that mask?

T.K. - ............. No Comment.............

H.P. - Well, sorry... That's all the time we have for today ladies and gentlemen. Check your local listings for the time and place of the next "BCW: Behind Closed Lockers"


               Note: The Text for Birlyn has been translated to English for your enjoyment