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Warzone Created Charachters


* = Its just another Wrestler
** = Ok, I guess....
*** = Worth the tyme to create
**** = Awesome
***** = Perfect

Chyna ****

Skin Type: Ripped
Gender: Female
Tanktop: Sports
Pants: Side Slits
Music: Shawn Michaels
Moves: I did Triple H's
Attributes: 7-8 in strenght


Goldberg ****

Skin Color: 1
Skin Type: Ripped
Body Type: Heavy Weight
Face: 2
Boots: Black
Gloves: Finger
Beard: Goatee 1 (I believe)
Upper Body Tatoo: Barb Wire 1
Attributes: What you probably want is 10,10,5,10,5
Music: Wonder Guy

Dean Malenko ***

Skin Color: 1
Shorts: Spikes (59/72)
Kneepad: Generic (59/59)
Boots: Black
Armpad: White
Music:Wonder Guy
Face: 5
Hair: Crew Cut

Ric Flair ***

Shorts:Generic (33/99)
Kneepads:Generic (33/99)
Hair:Bleached Long
Moves:Triple H (Figure 4)
Music:Went With Goldust


Patriot *****

Skin Type: Ripped
Body Type: Average
Face: 3
Mask: Colored 1
Tanktop: Flag1 (optional)