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Otacon's Warzone Page
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Hello and welcome to "Otacon's WWF Warzone Page".
Here you will find every cheat and code I know for WWF Warzone.
You will also find my creations on the Create Wrestler Page.
If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk wrestling,
feel free to e-mail me at
I answer all of my mail, but don't check it very much.
Also, if you have ICQ, my number is 22972746.
Or for AOL Instant Messenger, just look for my e-mail
address. If you don't have ICQ99, get it!!!
Also, I made a Wrestling Sound Scheme,
If you want it just contact me on ICQ.

My Top Ten Favorite Wrestlers
(not in any order)

  • Randy "Macho Man" Savage
  • The Undertaker
  • Kane
  • Jim Duggan
  • Mick Foley
  • Road Dog
  • Billy Kidman
  • Bill Goldberg
  • Marc "Buff" Bagwell
  • Al Snow

Warzone Chats & Info
Warzone Chat
Real Names List
The WWF Game
WWF Polls
Harvey's Art Gallery
Midi Archive
My E-Fed Records
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Since Oct. 17th 1998

Finally Over 31,000!!!
Thanx To Every One For Coming Here!!!

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