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WWF Warzone Moves List

Sweet Chin Music: R-D-U-Kick+Block (Both Standing)
Stone Cold Stunner with Setup Kick: R-R-U-TieUp+Block (Both Standing)
or without Setup Kick: R-R-TieUp (Tied Up)
Running Power Slam: D-U-D-Punch+TieUp or (Both Standing)
or U-D-TieUp (Tied Up)
The Domin@tor: U-U-U-TieUp+Block (Both Standing)
Curtain Call: R-D-D-TieUp+Block (Behind Opponent)
The Pedigree: R-D-L-Punch+TieUp (Both Standing)
Mandible Claw: R-L-U-TieUp+Block (Both Standing or At Head)
or R-L-TieUp (Tied Up)
The Rock Bottom: R-R-U-Punch+TieUp (Both Standing)
Pearl River Plunge: R-L-U-Kick+Block (Both Standing)
The Sharpshooter: R-R-U-Kick+Block (At Feet)
Tombstone Piledriver: D-D-D-Punch+TieUp (Both Standing)
or D-U-TieUp (Tied Up)
Ankle Lock: R-L-U-Kick+TieUp (At Feet)
Stage Dive: R-U-U-Punch+Kick (Turnbuckle, Opp Down)
Mosh Pit: R-L-U-TieUp+Block (Turnbuckle, Opp Standing)
Double Arm DDT: R-L-U-TieUp+Block (Both Standing)
Cheesemeister: R-R-U-Punch+TieUp (Both Standing)
or R-D-TieUp (Tied Up)
Pit Scorpion: R-R-U-Kick+Block (At Feet)
Colossus: D-U-D-Punch+TieUp (Both Standing)
Twist: R-L-U-Punch+Block (Both Standing)